Mel Gibson Hires Saxophone Player To Follow Him Around At All Times


HOLLYWOOD icon Mel Gibson has arranged for a private saxophonist to follow him around at all times and play a short jazz riff as and when appropriate, WWN can exclusively reveal.

Currently filming in Ireland, the 60-year-old believes the 5 to 10 second saxophone blasts will momentarily confuse people as to the difference between Mel Gibson, actor, and Martin Riggs, LAPD officer from the popular Lethal Weapon movie series.

Struggling to regain popularity following several high-profile incidents in which he came across as a misogynistic anti-semite, Gibson is hoping that the love people have for his most popular character will allow him the occasional angry public outburst, drunken accident, fist-fight with a cop, or any other ‘Gibson-esque’ antics.

“If, for example, you were to see Mel roaring abuse at a woman before stumbling drunkenly out in front of a moving car, slamming onto the bonnet before slumping to the ground, you might think ‘oh Mel, you really are a lost cause'” said a PR spokesperson for Gibson.

“But if you were to see that same thing followed by a snazzy sax riff, then your brain automatically goe ‘oh Riggs, you crazy bastard! Pick yourself up and keep going!’. This has worked for Mel throughout his stay in Ireland;  Mel was a grumpy prick at all times, and just as people were taking offence: saxophone. Smiles all round”.