Man Gets Same Haircut For 250th Time In A Row


OPTING to ‘stick with what works for now’ yet again, one Waterford man has left his local barber shop with the same  2-up-the-sides, trim-the-top haircut for the 250th time in a row.

Mark Jennelly, 36, has basically stuck with the same hairstyle he had when he made his confirmation due to a combination of how easy it is to style on a daily basis, how afraid he is of anything even remotely resembling change, and his shyness in asking a barber to do something different with his hair.

The Ardmore native has sometimes wondered what he might look like with ‘a fancy hairstyle’, but has no means of conveying to a hairdresser just exactly what he wants. This leads to Jennelly simply saying ‘ah the usual’ to his barber, and sitting back for the 7 minutes it takes for his hair to look exactly like it did four weeks ago.

“What am I going to say, ‘give me what your man there in the poster has’?” said Jennelly, sporting his 250th short back and sides.

“Plus what if I look like an idiot, I’d have to wait three or four weeks before I could get it cut normal again. The lads would slag me. No, not interested. Same again, please”.

Just four short years away from his fortieth birthday, Jennelly has been advised by his barber that the choice of what happens with his hair may not be his for very much longer.