Ploughing Championship Holds Minute’s Silence For Brangelina


REVELLERS attending the National Ploughing Championships in Offaly today observed a minute’s silence for Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their young family after their breakup was announced yesterday afternoon to the shocked world.

People from all walks of life at the festival remained stern faced and strong, as an eerie silence was called by organisers at midday today.

Tractors, generators and all manner of engines were switched off to mark the emotional 60 seconds, with everyone in attendance solemnly bowing their heads as Ireland’s three, and only fighter jets passed overhead, emanating the red, white and blue of America, soundtracked only by the echoing of sobbing mourners.

“This really brings it all home,” Dairy farmer Fintan McLeprocy told WWN, “As a father of 17 children, I feel the couple’s pain and heartache. Whatever issues they had, it must be very serious to break up such a large family. My thoughts and prayers are with the kids. I’ll be hugging mine a little tighter tonight”.

In addition to those tributes, ploughing champion Dermot Murphy ploughed ‘Never Forget’ into one of the fields, mirroring the thoughts of everyone attending, in what has been a heart wrenching 24 hours for planet earth, and all who breathes upon her.