RTÉ Cancel ‘Dancing With The Stars’ After Failing To Find Famous People


RTÉ has been forced into an embarrassing U-turn just days after launching their new flagship entertainment show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ after the broadcaster failed to find 11 celebrities to fill the contestant slots.

The format of the show, similar to the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing was set to thrill audiences with the spectacle of famous celebrities waltzing across a dance floor and the brief hope that they could seriously injure themselves, but it has now been announced that the show cannot go forward due to a lack of Irish celebrities.

“We held audition after audition and following extensive research, we just had to concede that all the famous Irish people has are actually employed in places like London and Hollywood,” an RTÉ insider told WWN, “we could have just chucked 11 of Gerry Ryan’s kids into the show, but we knew that wouldn’t fool the audience”.

“We’ve had no shortage of ordinary members of the public wanting to take part such as Twink, Pippa O’Connor, a lad who was in a Mace ad in 2001, but no celebrities regrettably,” the insider explained.

Appeals had been made to Ireland’s 6 official famous people Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender, Liam Neeson, Brendan Gleeson, Saoirse Ronan and Barack Obama but all declined to participate.

While RTÉ had not announced a replacement show, the public has been warned to expect another 19 shows focused on the nature of faith hosted by Gay Byrne.