Apple Give Labourers 2 Minute Break To Celebrate 1 Billionth iPhone Sold


THERE were fun and festivities for a full two minutes earlier today as Apple allowed labourers in their Chinese factories a rare moment of rest to celebrate the 1 billionth iPhone sold.

CEO Tim Cook ‘OK’ed’ the 120 second break as sales figures for the mould-breaking smartphone, now heading into its 7th generation, crossed the 1 billion mark worldwide a mere 9 years since the first iPhone went on sale. As thousands of underpaid labourers raised their bleeding fingers to the light for the first time in days, shares in Apple rose 4.5% upon the release of the news.

“I’m so delighted that 1 billion smartphones have been sold, I’ve decided not to kill myself just yet,” said one worker we spoke to, who has worked 16 hour shifts for the past 18 days.

“Thanks to the efforts of me and my co-slaves, sorry, I mean co-workers, people across the world get to have the coolest new gadget without having to pay thousands of dollars for it. Here’s to the iPhone being affordable for another ten years!”

Other workers used their 2 minute celebration break to contact loved ones for the first time in months, sleep, and scrawl please for help on the inside of iPhone boxes due to ship worldwide.