Local Woman Going Out Of Her Way To Ignore Story About Beyonce Using Sweatshops


A WATERFORD woman is believed to be spending much of her Beyoncé related time avoiding all possible interaction with the news that the singer’s Topshop Ivy Park range of clothing is made by women making as little as 55 cent an hour.

“No, no, no, no, no, no,” Beyoncé fan Jane Dobbin said while closing her eyes and covering her ears, fully aware that learning the details relating to the story could ruin her enjoyment of the singer’s concert tomorrow in Dublin.

An avid follower of Queen Bey, Dobbin was sent down a spiral which saw her confront the possibility that Beyoncé, much like other prominent people in the spotlight, might be subjected to extensive scrutiny and proven to be less than perfect.

“She’s fierce, she wouldn’t do something like that,” the 21-year-old reassured herself, deciding once and for all to never read into the conditions and poverty that the Sri Lankan women tasked with making the clothes live in.

While the story has appeared repeatedly on her Facebook news feed in recent weeks Dobbin has thus far pretended like she didn’t see it in an effort to preserve the love she has for the singer, who has been totally crushing it recently.

“If I read up on the story then that’s sort of going to ruin my getting down to ‘Who Runs The World’ tomorrow and compromise its message, and I’m not willing to put myself in that position,” Dobbin confessed to herself.

It is believed that if Dobbin was brave enough to click into the story and its accompanying comments she would be relieved to read that it doesn’t matter as everyone is doing it.

Excuses justifying Ivy Park’s production such as “they’re not breaking any laws”, “what’s Beyoncé supposed to do about poverty in Sri Lanka” and “she’s not the only one doing it” would have been available to Dobbin had she read some of the comments below countless reports on the Ivy Park clothing range, putting her mind at ease.

It is thought the news of Ivy Park’s choice of suppliers in Sri Lanka has done nothing to reduce the sales of the clothing line, with Beyoncé’s reappropriation of feminism as a commercial outlet set to continue to yield more profits in the coming months and years.

Beyoncé is expected to empower women from 9pm in Croke Park tomorrow night.