Thinking Of Changing Careers? Check Out These 4 Great Professions


STUCK in a rut? Don’t know if your current job is what you want to be doing for the rest of your working days? Well, you’re not the only one, plenty of people go in search of new careers and are often rewarded with a much better work/life balance.

Here, below are a few careers which could be the key to unlocking a happy working life for yourself.

1) Professional Food Chewer

This is a role suitable for someone who loves food but prefers not to swallow it after chewing, with most of your customers having the opposite preferences.

And don’t worry your customer base won’t just be the over-80s age bracket, some of the world’s richest people absolutely abhor the effort required to chew certain foods and so they hire professional food chewers to do it for them.

Starting salary: €70-80,000 per year.

2) Body Builder

With people increasing feeling the pressure to pretend they love nothing more than to devote their entire week to sculpting their physique, a market has opened up for people in the business of building bodies.

This role is ideal for ex-builders struggling to get work on the country’s 4 building sites. If you had the know-how on how to build a wall, then don’t worry, it’s pretty much the same thing except this time there’s more cement involved.

Building a portfolio for customers to look over is recommended, showing off a variety of different types of bodies that you’ve built is always a good thing.

Starting salary: €30-35,000.

3) Professional moaner

This diverse industry can see you working from anywhere in the internet’s comment sections, all the way to Dáil Éireann. Depending on where this new line of work takes you, you could end up being a very bitter person or a very rich and bitter person. Best of luck.

Starting salary €00.00-€250,000

4) Butt sniffer

If you think that there aren’t people out there who are paid specifically to sniff people’s arses and do nothing else but sniff arse, then you my friend are a very, very naive person. Not to be confused with professional ‘arse scratcher’.

Starting salary: €50-59,000 (not for everyone)