Trump Locked In Shrug Pose After Back Gives Out


US PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Donald Trump’s visit to the UK has been thrown into jeopardy today, after a back injury left the outspoken candidate became stuck in his signature “I dunno what more I can say” shrug.

Divisive Republican nominee Trump was giving a speech to a rally on the eve of his journey to Britain, when he was asked about the ongoing sit-in by Democrats at Congress to push forward debate about gun control.

As is his standard operation procedure in situations where he doesn’t want to answer a question but wants everyone to know he’s displeased with the scenario, Trump threw his hands to his side and sunk his chin to his chest and began his standard “well, what can I say, what can I say, I’ve said it all along” spiel.

However, people at the front of the rally described hearing an “audible crack” coming from between Trump’s shoulders, and the billionaire mogul rushed off the stage frozen in the shrug pose.

“Mr. Trump is currently receiving the best care possible,” said one source at a nearby hospital.

“We can’t lower his arms, and he can’t move his head either. It’s stuck in that sort of 45 degree tilt to the side, with his eyebrows raised, in the ‘hey, what do you want me to do about it’ gesture that we’ve become so familiar with”.

Although his current predicament may not be comfortable, political experts claim they can’t see it hindering Trump’s upcoming campaign, as he mostly just stands like that anyway.