Beginner’s Guide To Looking ‘Festival Chic’ At Bulmers Forbidden Fruit


HEADING to the upcoming Forbidden Fruit Festival or any festival at all this summer?

You will most certainly need to make your mark in the fashion stakes, and we here at WWN more that happy to help you nail that much sought after ‘festival chic’.

Enjoying awesome music is all well and good, but if you don’t look like the coolest person there, honestly what’s the point?

Black sack

With the sun blazing down on music lovers, bathing you all in warm rays chances are you’ll need some water resistant material as a thunderstorm of biblical proportions will probably be just a moment away.

Cut a hole in a black sack to make some room for your head (people with comically large heads, please note you may need to cut a bigger hole). Once this is done you can rest assured you will be at the forefront of festival fashion and waterproof.

Manky old and oversized hoodie

Male or female, you can’t beat the effortless chic of an old hoodie that could house a family of 7 in it. If you have a hoodie lying around from the 90s somewhere, we have great news for you – the 90s are back with a bang so you’re right on trend.

A large hoodie will protect the body from tonnes of muck that will invariably make its way to the festival floor. The average hoodie can act like a dirt resistant shield.

It is recommended that if the weekend’s music making turns out to be mud-heavy, that you dispose of the hoodie in a massive bonfire.

That effortless chic, hippyish look

If you really take your festival fashion seriously, and want to look like you’re all for taking it easy and breezy, well then, you’ve probably left it too late you bloody idiot. This sort of ‘I just threw this outfit together’ look takes months and months of preparation.

What did you think? Vintage shops just give birth to 100s of perfect old school crop tops and Moroccan style skirts every day?

And that natural look make up? We’re talking a whole new makeup palette and then there’s hours of practicing endless Youtube makeup tutorials.

Do you want to look like you don’t really care? Well then, start panicking and caring this second, and get working.

Being an easygoing hobo chic lover has never been so hard!

Are you a guy?

Honestly, a pair of shades, any old shorts and a hat will do. T-shirt optional. No one is expecting all that much from you anyway.

[WWN-Post-Info-Box]Bulmers Forbidden Fruit, Dublin city centre’s multi-stage music and arts festival returns for its sixth instalment on the June Bank Holiday weekend. A unique city centre festival that combines music, art, fashion, food and simple good vibes. Visit to find out more. #ThisIsOurTime #Bulmers #FF16 Drink Bulmers Responsibly.[/WWN-Post-Info-Box]