6 Ways To Improve Your Intelligence


MANY of us are always searching for ways to become more intelligent, because frankly, a lot of us are thick as shit. However, do not lose hope as WWN is here to help, with a handy list which can offer you every opportunity to go from stupid to less stupider.

1)Copy the lad next to you

This method is utilised by many school and college students, but were you aware that it can also work for adults in everyday life? All you have to do is copy the person next to you at work or on the bus, whatever it is they’re doing, and you should benefit from whatever results they are going to get out of life.

3) Slap some sense into yourself

Not as painful as it sounds, but scientists have proven that ‘sense’, a not so distant cousin of intelligence, is present in the air we breath. If you move your hand fast enough you can gather up some sense and when you strike yourself in the head you can literally slap some of the residual sense into your brain, thus improving your intelligence.

4) Ask your clever mate to teach you stuff

Despite being fully aware that you will switch off after about 5 seconds of listening, a small smattering of information, imparted to you by your ‘smart friend’ will slowly improve your intelligence over the course of your friendship.

It helps if the friend selected is ‘dead smart at numbers and shit like that’.

5) Procrastinate on the internet

Procrastinating on the internet is now more effective for improving intelligence than any other activity such as going to school for 13 years or reading a book now and again. Amusing pictures of dog and cats are proven to relax the brain with a release of endorphins, meaning the brain is more receptive to absorbing information afterwards. So next time you see a dog that can’t even, you should immediately open a difficult to understand scientific paper and get reading, some of it will stick in the brain and make you even more intelligent.

6) Wear some glasses

Simple, we know, but it really works. You will go from struggling to interpret the works of Shakespeare to realising it’s all about sex and violence really. If you are a woman just be careful when taking the glasses off as nerdy four eyed women who take off their glasses and let down their hair are known to transform into incredibly sexy non-four eyed nerds.