97% Of Work Emails Currently Game Of Thrones Related


NATIONWIDE productivity has ground to a halt as close to 100% of work related emails are no longer work related and instead solely focused on the fact that Game of Thrones is back on TV screens.

“Did you watch it last night, class wasn’t it?” began most emails between coworkers this morning as everyone caught back up with not doing any work after the long weekend.

Several carefully disguised email subject lines have been used to evade detection of IT departments with the most popular proving to be ‘OM-fucking-G! Game of Throoooooones last night???1!’.

It is believed bosses are doing little to curb such email chatter as they’re too busy looking for Game of Thrones memes to include in their emails to staff.

“I’m looking for one of them ‘you know nothing Jon Snow’ ones, can’t find the right one though,” mused one business owner Rebecca Costigan, who called an emergency meeting with staff this morning to discuss the latest episode of the popular swords and breasts epic.

Thousands of people have also turned up to work dressed as their favourite characters from the show which include ‘pretty blonde dragon lady’, ‘lad with no hand’ and ‘your man from the real rainy place, Clam Fiddle, or something like that’.

Such is the intense discussions between coworkers about the new season of the show, that many office dry shites appear, however momentarily, to be interesting and engaging.