Wife Keeps Using Husband’s Pet Name In Public


DESPITE pleas for her to stop, one Waterford woman has continually addressed her husband by his embarrassing pet name while out in public, including instances when he was with his mates and even his boss.

Although Karen Hamilton has insisted that she doesn’t use his pet name on purpose, this is of scant consolation to her husband Sean, who has been left embarrassed on several occasions after his wife called to him across a crowded shop or pub.

Sean’s nickname “Bouli” dates back to the couple’s first Christmas together, when Karen remarked that her husband’s woolly jumper made him look like the popular cartoon snowman.

The Dungarvan man begged his wife to never call him Bouli when outside the house, and despite Karen’s promise to always call him “Sean”, she frequently drops it into a conversation when they’re in the company of others.

“The lads have started to call me Bouli after she yelled it to me from the bar one evening” sighed Sean, clearly distraught. “It’s just the worst. I love her to bits, but not enough that I can put up with people giggling at me when she says ‘do you need me to get ham for sandwiches, Bouli?’ when we’re doing the big shop in Lidl”.

UPDATE: Since this report, the Hamiltons have filed for divorce after Karen called Sean “Bouli” in front of his parents and his Da gave him an awful look altogether.

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