Thousands Of Women Without Girl Power As ESB Grid Badly Affected By Weather


THE recent bad weather has left thousands of women without girl power, the ESB has confirmed.

The energy company is the largest provider of inspirational empowerment to Irish females, however, services have all but come to a halt after several pylons were damaged in adverse conditions.

“Our engineers, all female naturally, are working round the clock to restore girl power to those areas affected. We know it’s an inconvenience and we appreciate everyone’s patience,” Gary Kelly of ESB confirmed to WWN.

With large parts of the country without girl power, women will remain in the dark about their ability to achieve and excel in all manner of diverse life quests.

“There might be a temptation to try to fix downed pylons yourself, but honestly, harnessing girl power is for trained professionals only,” Kelly added, urging caution.

“Usually women’s appreciation of our their own potential and achievements can act as a conduit around cabling which transfers the power, but the weather was just too severe last night,” confirmed Kelly.

If you have been affected by a girl power outrage, the ESB recommend watching several Ted Talks, listening to the Spice Girls or reading ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg.