‘How About You Cunts Get Back To Running The Country’, Yells Nation


FOLLOWING yet another failed attempt to form a government, an exhausted nation collectively broke its silence this evening after months of biting its lip.

In unison, over 4.5 million people yelled at the top of their voices in the general direction of Dublin city.

“How about you shower of cunts just get back to running the country,” were the words heard echoing around the homeless ridden, Dublin city streets. “We don’t care who said what, or what points you didn’t agree on, just get back to work and do your fucking jobs…or we’ll throw your sorry asses out of Leinster house”.

Unable to control itself any longer, the nation then complained at the lack of political choice in Ireland, pointing out the fact that the majority of the people they’re paying to run the country, couldn’t run a bath if the task was issued to them.

“We’ve got a delusional former Taoiseach, an ex-IRA commander and Mr. fucking Burns to pick from,” the nation went on. “How about we sack all of them and start afresh. Maybe hire professional people who can actually take charge of finance, take charge of health, take charge of the country and ban school teachers with large ego’s from ever running for office again”.

With that said, the nation slowly calmed down and made itself a nice cup of tea, happy in the knowledge it said its piece, not that anyone was listening in the first place.