Fine Gael Change Facebook Status To ‘In A Relationship’


IN what many social media experts are calling a ‘premature’ and ‘cringe inducing’ move, Fine Gael have taken to their official Facebook to confirm they are ‘in a relationship’, WWN can reveal.

Despite an offer of cohabitation in Leinster House being sent to Fianna Fáil only yesterday evening, Fine Gael has indicated they are ready to share the good news that they have found that special someone to share power with.

“I don’t know what they think this is, but it’s way, way, too early to like, put a label on it,” one Fianna Fáil TD told WWN, highlighting the fact that Fine Gael might have jumped the gun in going public with their affection and now face accusations of being ‘way too keen’.

It is believed that after brief negotiations last night, Fine Gael leader and acting Taoiseach Enda Kenny felt confident that Micheál Martin was ‘picking up what he was putting down’.

“Well Enda was calling Micheál a prick tease the other day, but he’s happy they’re shacked up now. He credits giving Martin his trademarked ‘let’s ruin the country together’ look with being what swayed Fianna Fáil,” a spokesperson for Fine Gael explained to WWN.

Social media users have been quick to criticise Kenny, as screenshots of similar chat up lines sent to Joan Burton in 2011 have surfaced online.

Fianna Fáil’s relationship status still reads ‘it’s complicated’ at the time of publication. More as we get it.