Chilling: Did Darby O’Gill Predict 9/11?


THE September 11th attacks will go down in history as the most controversial event of our lifetime, as thousands of conspiracy theories continue to circulate relating to that fateful day.

Although most of these accusations can be easily debunked, there are some that defy explanation, such as the eerie warnings about the attacks that seem to have been predicted by TV shows, movies and record covers years before the deadly event.

The most convincing of these is the damning case of Darby O’Gill & The Little People; on the surface, Disney’s charming “Oirish” tale of an elderly man’s adventure with leprechauns is an innocuous Sunday matinee for the young and the young at heart. But look even slightly closer and it becomes all too apparent that the picture contains many clues sewn into its fabric, perhaps by Walt himself to prepare them for the coming attacks on the World Trade Centre. Open your eyes to the following…

1) Darby himself


The kind-hearted old groundskeeper at the centre of the movie is to many, just another protagonist in a fun family movie. But look past the surface and you will see many inconsistencies that point towards a global conspiracy aimed at keeping the population living in fear. Although he’s supposedly as Irish as Irish can be, even Darby’s name should set off alarm bells.

Do you know many O’Gills? Or people called Darby? Neither are a common Irish name, nor were they at the time the movie was released. Paddy Murphy, Seamie O’Toole… any of these names would have been more suitable. Why the odd name choice? Simple; simple, but chilling. It sets the mind askew, planting a subliminal clue that something is not quite right with the world. Also, the producers needed a name with double L’s at the end, to appear on the poster standing tall like the twin towers of the World Trade Center, which were not even built at the time.


Had the makers of DOGATLP access to the blueprints? Were they planting seeds in our minds that something dreadful was lined up for these buildings? Do the L’s also represent the 11 in 9/11, stating when this attack would happen? We know what we think.

2) The little people.


Darby encounters leprechauns during the movie; he calls them leprechauns, they appear like leprechauns, they are the nearest representation to leprechauns to have ever been committed to film. So why is the movie not called Darby O’Gill And The Leprechauns? Does that not seem strange? To someone reading the title for the first time, “Darby O’Gill And The Leprechauns” tells more about the story than “Darby O’Gill And the Little People”. Darby wasn’t dealing with actual little people, he was dealing with leprechauns. The chilling reasoning behind this? Look at the end of the movie title. O’Gill And The Little People. Say it to yourself, loudly. Kill the little people. Kill us, the sheep, the cogs in the machine. Kill the little people so the rich may rise. Kill them on 9/11. Chilling.

3) King Brian


If we are the little people, then who are the masters at the top? The leaders of this shadowy global cult who intend to enslave us for some nefarious purpose are represented by King Brian himself; a legendarily elusive figure in the movie, who controls a vast amount of wealth. Frequently throughout the movie, Brian is shown to enjoy the misfortunes of humans who attempt to control or expose him, and remains one step ahead of everyone. It’s a two-finger salute from the Illuminati to the rest of the world; you can’t even see us, but we’ve got your money and we control you. Need any further proof that this all ties in to the World Trade Center? If O’Gill represents the 11 in September 11th, then let us ask you this one simple question… what number does “Brian” rhyme with?

4) The Banshee


What better way to signal the imminent arrival of death, than the banshee herself? The Celtic spectre whose wails and moans herald the death of someone features pretty heavily in a light-hearted family movie about leprechauns, doesn’t she? Towards the end of the movie, she even manages to claim the soul of Darby himself, until he is saved from death by the intervention of King Brian. As we’ve already stated, Brian represents those involved in the destruction of the twin towers, so this is a clear message to anyone watching the movie; only we can save you from the terror that we are about to unleash. Submit to us. Obey us. Or perish. It couldn’t be clearer what they are planning… just take a second look at that photo of the banshee.


There’s no doubt in our minds that Walt Disney, one of the richest men in the world at the time, signed off on Darby O’Gill And The Little People so that he could fill it with subliminal hints to either unconsciously prepare or numb the population of the earth to the events that were to transpire on 9/11, or warn those in power about the attacks in a bid to frighten them into joining him and his kind. Some may read this and say, look, you can draw parallels between anything if you look closely enough; we say enough is enough. Wake up. Stop being manipulated. This movie from the 50s was aimed at children who would have been in their late 40s on 9/11, along with the parents of those kids who would have brought them to the cinema to see it. The last thing they would have seen on the screen before they left?

thanks brian

Disney basically confirmed it himself, and signed off on it. Chilling.