Shocking X-Rays Reveal The Strange Items Irish People Use During Sex


WITH one in every three people in Ireland admitted to hospital with foreign items in their body, WWN has put together a best-of x-rays, revealing some of the strangest items Irish people use during sex. So, it is no wonder that many of the individuals featured in the x-rays below have requested for their identity to remain hidden.

A Bottle Of Holy Water


With that in mind, here is our first patient, Damien Horan from 456 Elm Park, Clonmel (son of Theresa and Ken), PPS number 7654437G. Damien just returned from a pilgrimage in Lourdes when he started getting severe pains in his lower abdominal region. When doctors examined him, they found a full bottle of Lourdes water inserted into his anus. Mr. Horan claimed God must have put it up there, forcing The Vatican to later class the incident as a miracle.

A Rolled Up Edition Of The Sunday World


John Conway from flat 33a, Beachside Villas, Tramore was admitted to Waterford Regional Hospital in May of 2011 after he failed to retrieve a copy of the Sunday World from his anus after becoming aroused by several articles on Ireland’s sex industry. It took surgeons 12 hours to retrieve the fragmented newspaper and it’s supplements from his colon. John still has an imprint of Paul Williams’ face embedded onto his prostate gland.

David Gray’s White Ladder Album


When Chris Twomey was admitted to St. Vincent’s hospital in Dublin last November, he didn’t expect to be told that he had an original David Gray’s White Ladder album wedged in his anus, after misplacing it over 16 years ago. Twomey admitted to doing a lot of coke back in his day and put the find down to a troubled time in his life after breaking up with his then girlfriend. “I think it was a kind of closure for me at the time and I just forgot I shoved it up there” he told the Irish Mirror. The album was later signed by David Gray himself after hearing Chris’s story. A happy ending all round.

An Irish Water Meter


Probably the biggest item on our list is this Irish Water meter which was willingly inserted by an Irish Water meter installer into his own anus last year. The worker, who lost the use of his arse after the procedure, said he was told by a member of the public to stick it up there. Not only did it take 14 doctors to pull the meter out from the patient’s rectum, it took another 28 Gardaí to secure the area around the anus from potential protesters.