Entrepreneur Spends Most Of His Working Day Telling Everyone How Busy He Is


A DUBLIN entrepreneur has admitted to spending most of his working day telling people how busy he is, despite not actually being that busy at all.

Gerard Hickey, who launched an app development company last May, says he regularly brushes off going to family and friends events due to how busy he is, giving himself more free time to do things he actually likes doing.

“It’s just great to have an excuse to get out of shit,” he explained, vacantly scrolling down through his Facebook feed. “Oh! You have an art exhibition on Friday! That’s a shame; I’m too busy man, can’t make it, sorry.”

Since establishing his company HickyApp, the son of two has admitted to spending most of his time in the office, conveniently returning home late to avoid putting the kids to bed.

“You can’t be in two places at once,” he added, now downloading a series of movie torrents to watch after lunch. “The missus has the kids in bed by eight, so I usually aim to get home around half past. Sure, you’d be wrecked from sitting down all day telling people how busy you are.”

Asked whether if his business was actually making money, he replied: “Flat out now. There’s not enough hours in the day.”