Motorist Who Overtook Waterford Man “Still Only Just In Front Of Him”


THERE was widespread condemnation in the Murphy family car this afternoon after a fellow motorist overtook their Nissan Micra on the Tramore road, yet failed to gain any real ground following the manoeuvre.

“Sure, he’s still only in front of us,” pointed out dad and driver Rory Murphy, who seemed agitated another motorist overtook his one litre car. “Such a risk to take for nothing. BMW too. Arsehole I bet.”

Muttering to himself all the way into town, the father of two continued to ridicule the guy in front, cursing at his attempts to overtake yet another car.

“What’s the rush at all?” Rory gave out, now flashing his lights in disgust. “This road is dangerous enough now without this craic. Look at the eejit; trying to bully his way through again. No sense at all.”

Delighted he was still just behind the rogue all that way, Murphy began mocking the motorist who was now approaching the Waterford city/Tramore roundabout.

“All that haste for nothing,” he laughed, before watching the BMW slip out ahead of oncoming traffic before speeding away, leaving the Nissan Micra stuck at the exit for several minutes. “Yeah, well, he got lucky there, I suppose. I bet he’s in a ditch somewhere now anyway, driving like that.”