Neighbours Just Copying Everything You Do To Your Home


YOUR next door neighbours have admitted today to just copying every little thing you do to your home, just to annoy you.

The Murphy family, who rarely say hello, said they were looking forward to your next home improvement so they can better it.

“Thanks for the bird bath idea for the front garden,” said man of the house Tommy Murphy. “You made a good effort, but our one is far superior and cost a lot more money. It’s a shame too, because people passing will think you copied us.

“By the way, I’m looking forward to your annual Christmas lights embarrassment,” he added.

Showing no remorse for their blatant plagiarism, the Murphy’s vowed to continue out-bettering every physical change to your home, not matter what the cost.

“I hope you liked our 2014 Merc that we bought the week after you purchased that shitty 2013 Skoda,” jested wife and mother Tina Murphy. “Or the large bouncy castle we hired for the kids, the day after your miserable attempt at a birthday party. I hope your kids cried their stupid eyes out, you fucking losers.”

Peering through their curtains at your home, the entire Murphy family began laughing loudly in unison, pointing out defects and design flaws in the architecture and landscape.

“Mam, their patio doors are not even south-facing,” concluded 12-year-old Anthony Murphy, who has a better bike than your son. “Why don’t they just move? They’re pathetic.”