Jeremy Kyle Asks Worthless Piece Of Shit Why He Abandoned Marriage


THE most entertaining episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show to date took place this morning, and it involved a guest getting the full wrath of Kyle’s trademark indignant disgust.

The 50-year-old guest, named Jeremy, was on the show to address the fact his marriage had broken down.

Initially sympathetic to his guest, Kyle became visibly angry upon learning about the fact that this was actually his guest’s second failed marriage.

Kyle was said to also be frustrated by the fact his guest had all his own teeth and didn’t even seem to be remotely poor.

“You obviously can’t make a marriage work, can you?” Kyle asked a visibly frustrated Jeremy, “I’ve asked you a question fella, are you going to answer?” Kyle asked in an increasingly loud and hostile tone.

“Or maybe you’re the type of guy who just walks away from questions, just like you walked away from your marriage,” Kyle said before allowing his guest to answer, much to the delight of the crowd who cheered and clapped in wild appreciation.

Kyle licked his lips momentarily, obviously enjoying probing his guest, exploiting him while his life was in such a state of disarray and emotional turmoil that Jeremy thought it was a good idea to be a guest on the lurid show.

“You know what mate, I think you need to have a long hard look at yourself, get out of my face you disgust me,” Kyle told Jeremy dismissively before the guest made a lunge for the host, with a clash narrowly avoided as he was restrained by security.