Local Man’s Circle Of Friends Politely Inform Him His Sister Is An Absolute Ride


WATERFORD city resident Peadar Kennedy has been reminded for the 1,234th time this year by his close circle of friends, that his older sister by a year, Grainne, is ‘an absolute fucking ride’.

Peadar’s friends, so concerned that their lifelong friend may suffer from a debilitating case of memory loss, have seen it as their duty to regularly remind him of his sister’s obvious aesthetic merits.

Such reminders are usually delivered shortly after occasions in which any one of Peadar’s friends Alan, John, Cian, Brian, Dermot, David, Richard or Stephen run into Grainne, see her from a distance, check out her Facebook profile or just happen to daydream about her.

“See that 100 Hottest Women list doing the rounds on the internet?” Peadar was recently asked by his best friend Cian, “I see Grainne finished above Mila Kunis again, the dirty ride,” Cian added shortly afterwards in the hope that Peadar would realise his sister was indeed remarkably attractive.

Going into great detail about how it is a joy to watch her going for a jog along the quays in those pants of hers, the friends were encouraged by Peadar to be respectful, and consider Grainne’s feelings who has on previous occasions described the men as ‘children’.

Sadly the plea fell on deaf ears as Alan confirmed he wouldn’t mind if Grainne gave him a good auld feeling.