5 Greatest Marilyn Monroe Quotes


One of the most inspiring individuals to ever grace the face of the earth, Monroe continues to provide the world with thousands of Facebook status worthy quotes. Here’s the definitive list of Monroe quotes.

1) “I was divorced three times and had substance abuse problems. In the event of my death it may be wise not to use me or my words as the basis for how to live your life” – said on the set of her final movie The Misfits.

2) “Curry’s are a toilets best friend” – reportedly said while filming Some Like It Hot

3) “Judge me solely on my body please, do not treat me as a human being” – said to the editor of women’s magazine Vogue in 1952.

4) “Have you ever actually watched one of my movies?” – said at a press conference in 1954 upon learning a number of young women were sending each other letters with pictures of Monroe with quotes next to them.

5) “This will be great for my profile” – upon thinking of a great one liner to go alongside a headshot she had taken earlier that day.