Irish Man Has Overwhelming Urge To Take Top Off As Weather Hits Double Figures


AN Irish man was today treated for an increasingly common affliction, which is affecting as much as 60% of the Irish male population, WWN can exclusively reveal.

#Keith Adams was reportedly enjoying his lunch in the Stephen’s Green area of Dublin before a lucky break in the clouds allowed the sun to permeate the skies overhead, raising the temperatures from a Baltic 9 degrees to the positively Mediterranean heights of 10 degrees.

“I must of blacked out or something from the heat,” Keith relayed to nursing staff in the Mater hospital upon his arrival but the actual events were far more disturbing.

Onlookers can confirm that Keith began squinting as the sun was all too powerful for his eyes, suffering under the piercing 10 degree heat Keith began fumbling clumsily at his tie and shirt collar.

“I was putting on my woolly hat and scarf and then in the distance I saw him,” explained eye witness Aoife O’Halloran, “he was pulling at his shirt something fierce, the buttons were popping all over the place and before I could call for help he was down to just his boxers, trying to ventilate himself with his newspaper”.

Doctors believe Keith is a sufferer of a condition known as sun madness or to give it its Latin name Sol Dementia.

“A lot of Irish men feel compelled to strip naked once the weather hits double figures no matter the social niceties that are normally present in every day life,” explained an expert in the field of Sol Dementia Dr. David Clarke, “many suffer blackouts due to the rush of adrenaline brought on by the sight of the sun but this can have devastating effects as anyone exposed to the 10 degree heat for a sustained period of time can actually die from hypothermia”.

The public has been asked to remain vigilant and also understanding of the debilitating condition which has for far too long been treated with scorn and disdain.

“I used to get quite self conscious when I’d wake up in the middle of a public park with my top off,” admitted Keith, “but now that I know there’s a condition for my compulsion to strip off with only a glimpse of the sun I’ll embrace it a little more”.