Greek Government Bravely Defies IMF By Agreeing To Honour Next Loan Payment



IN a move that represents a major boost to leading opposition parties here in Ireland, Greece’s government have secured a historic deal with the IMF, which sees the Syriza led government stick strictly to repaying the next part of its IMF loan.

Irish opposition politicians and parties have been quite vocal about how if elected they would casually refuse to make repayments on bank debt guaranteed by the State in the past, with many citing the example of the Sriza party as an example of a defiantly ignoring the EU and other financial policy pressure groups.

The deal represents a huge blow to the IMF, who will now embarrassingly receive 100% of the payment they were due from Greece with the anti-austerity government providing Ireland with a potentially similar way of remaining 100% compliment with existing debt repayment plans.

In an informal meeting between the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde and Greek finance minister Yannis Varoufakis, it is believed Mr. Varoufakis angered IMF officials by challenging their authority as he asked for their relevant bank account details needed to make the repayment.

Mr. Varoufakis was reportedly heard shouting abusive language at Lagarde, screaming ‘no way, we won’t pay’ while he simultaneously asked for the IMF’s IBAN and BIC numbers.

The sum of €460 million will be paid by the Greek government on the 9th April and gives hope to the Irish anti-austerity movement that they too can sweep in to power proposing a people’s revolution which eventually sees them complying fully with the State’s financial obligations.