Sony Hackers Urged To Target Shitty Romantic Comedies Next


AN international appeal has been made by movie goers following hacking group Guardians of Peace’s successful attempt to remove The Interview film from cinemas.

The comedy, which focuses on a fictional assassination plot against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saw producers of the film, Sony, hacked and more recently a threat made against the safety of cinemas in the event of them screening the comedy.

The initial security breach saw personal employee data and embarrassing emails leaked to the press, but despite the unsavoury nature of the hack movie goers have today further encouraged those responsible despite their apparent links to the North Korean regime.

“We appeal to the Guardians of Peace and ask them to target the removal of all shitty romantic comedies from cinemas for the rest of eternity,” began the letter signed by over 25 million people.

While it was initially thought the removal of The Interview from cinemas would completely turn the public against the hacking group, it now appears people are queuing up to fund their future efforts if it brings an end to films like How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days, Maid in Manhattan, New Year’s Eve, Glitter, Gigli, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past and Saw 9.

Modern cinema has been plagued by shitty romantic comedies which at first appear to closely resemble what a movie should look and sound like only to quickly devolve into the film equivalent of the aftermath of a particularly regrettable Indian takeaway.

However, several seminal contributions to the genre will be safeguarded from harm.

“We will not target When Harry Met Sally, it makes us cry every time we watch it,” confirmed a member of Guardians of Peace but he would not be drawn on Kim Jong Uns love of 500 Days of Summer or the Transformers franchise.

Film studios have already cancelled several planned romantic comedies due to the petition launch, meaning the Kate Hudson-starring movie Woman Meets Man, Falls In Love With A Man, Has Fight With Man, Gets Back Together With Man About 15 Minutes Left In The Movie (She Also Has A Sassy Black Friend) will not go into production.

It is also thought that Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts will be banned from the movie industry.

Closer to home, the Government here in Ireland has upped security after being reminded that PS I Love You and Leap Year exist, making the nation a huge target in any reprisal attacks against the makers of romantic comedies.