Twink’s Dog Stopped At Dublin Airport Boarding Flight With Fake Documents


MISSING Yorkshire Terrier ‘Teddy’ was stopped boarding a flight to England with fake documents this morning after a national 48-hour dog-hunt was launched by owner Adele King, aka Twink.

Security at the airport claim the miniature terrier, dressed in a disguise, attempted to pass a passport checkpoint with a fake dog-collar and was immediately arrested at the scene.

“It wasn’t until we ran a check on its microchip that we found it was Twink’s dog, Teddy,” said chief of security Thomas O’Connor. “The dog collar was brand new with the name ‘Jose’ engraved on it, and that raised our suspicions”.

After some questioning, Teddy came clean as to who he was and begged staff at the airport not to send him back to his owner.

“He said he wanted to travel to Yorkshire and look for his family,” explained O’Connor. “Teddy said he, ‘had it with Twink’ and was now on a spiritual journey to find himself”.

A source close to Twink said this isn’t the first time one of her dogs has tried to escape from her house.

“One dog even tried to jump from her top floor window,” claimed the source, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of abusive calls and text messages. “We’re not sure if it was a suicide attempt or a very courageous escape bid, but he ended up in a vets surgery for four weeks after breaking all four of its legs”.

Since being caught this morning, the latest Twink escapee is now looking for asylum in Dublin airport and has called for a solicitor to ‘put the wheels in motion’.

It is understood Ms. King is currently furious with just about everyone involved and has already been removed from airport grounds after attacking several security personal.

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