Wallace And Daly’s Parents Forbid Them From Seeing Each Other Again



THE parents of Mick Wallace and Claire Daly have today banned the pair from seeing each other ever again, following their arrest at Shannon Airport yesterday afternoon.

The TD’s, who claim they were inspecting US military aircraft as part of a protest against Shannon Airport being used as a Military Hub, were released without charge a short time later, and were picked up at Shannon Garda Station by their highly apologetic Mams and Dads.

“I just don’t know what I’m going to with him,”said Michaela Wallace, in an emotional press conference with her friends during a coffee morning in Wexford earlier.

“It’s that Daly girl, leading him astray. And that Ming lad, the cannabis fella. My boy used to have such a god job at the buildings, then he fell in with that lot. Next thing, I’m getting calls from him, ‘Mam will you come pick me up at the Garda Station… Well, I tell you, I was MORTIFIED!!”

“I told him Mick, I said ‘Mick, can you not just do your job in the Dáil without this carry on? Try and be like the other TDs and just don’t get involved’… but of course, he knows everything so he does”.

Mrs. Wallace went on to state that her son had been grounded for the rest of the year, and is forbidden from contacting Claire Daly until the Dáil is back in session. A similar ban has also been put on Ms. Daly, by her irate father.

“That lad with the fuckin’ head on him, coming round here corrupting our Claire” said Cillian Daly, who isn’t angry at his daughter, just disappointed. “She has it all in her head now about protests and Military planes and inspecting them for weapons on the runway of an airport… This Wallace fucker thinks he’s Hans Blix and he’s roped my wee girl in with him”.

“She’s up there in her room now sulking that I won’t let her see him anymore. Shouting on about how she hates me, and how I just don’t understand her and how they’re just making a stand against the US military using Shannon Airport as a military base. It’s hard to listen to, but I just don’t want her to throw away her whole future over some fuckin’ hippy”.