Queen Accidentally Gets Throat Slit On Game Of Thrones Set


THERE were some worrying scenes in Belfast earlier today when the Queen, on her visit to Northern Ireland, suffered a minor accident which saw her throat slashed.

Poor security is being blamed for the incident and there has been no official word as yet on the British monarch’s health.

“Eh, it’s quite embarrassing really we sent out the invite ages ago, but we didn’t actually expect her to turn up,” admitted head of the Game of Thrones set security Neville McGowan.

“I had my feet up on the table and then suddenly in comes this women who looks exactly like the Queen demanding to see the Iron Throne,” he added, “well her exact words being ‘where’s the Iron Throne, one wants to see what all the fucking fuss is about’.”

McGowan revealed that on their walk to the Iron Throne the Queen displayed an incredible amount of curiosity about the HBO production.

“She was very, very interested in the relationship dynamic between Cersei and Jaime. I would say it actually bordered on an obsession.”

It is believed the Queen spent as many as 40 minutes on the Iron Throne with a crossbow in her hands before asking everyone to leave. Those waiting outside claim to have heard maniacal laughter coming from the chamber as well as the Queen talking at length, in hushed tones about various strategic moves relating to Westeros until the room fell silent.

“Well, we knocked on the door, it opened right up and there she was on the Iron Throne, in a bit of bother with a nick on her throat,” said McGowan.

Panic ensued as the bells rang out, signalling for all exits to be cordoned off in the titanic quarter set. Available CCTV footage has proved inconclusive, but WWN has learned that a shadowy figure strongly resembling Prince Charles was seen nearby when the incident occurred, leaping off a balcony.

For now, suspicion points its gaze in the direction of the human embodiment of Littlefinger, Martin McGuinness who met with the Queen briefly yesterday.

The Duke Edinburgh has been ruled out as a suspect as he spent the entirety of the visit trying to locate ‘that simply delectable albino girl’.