Sky News Greenlight Second Series Of Oscar Pistorius Trial


SKY News has announced that it has officially given the go-ahead to a second series of the Oscar Pistorius trial, allowing fans of the gripping murder case to breathe a sigh of relief after concerns that it could be axed once the judge reaches a verdict.

The blade-edge drama was the surprise hit of the Spring season, with millions becoming swept up in the tale of a legendary sports hero accused of the murder of his supermodel girlfriend. Buoyed by stratospheric viewership figures, and incredible pre-order sales for the DVD boxset, Sky chiefs gave the nod to a second series, with the possibility of more in the future.

“The Oscar Pistorius trial has been a ratings winner from day one” said Sky News spokesman Mark Hunt.

“The twists, the turns, the lies, the deceit! A beautiful young woman brutally murdered, a national hero in the stand accused of her killing. The first series has had it all and there’s still a gripping finale to come, which we’re hoping will have a cliffhanger that will lead straight into the second series”.

Fans have been speculating as to the plot of the next series, with many suggesting that Pistorius’ current mental health issues may lead to a retrial, perfectly setting up the storylines for next year. South African superfan Ingrid Guulash spoke to us about her hopes for her favourite TV show.

“I’ve been glued to the screen from day one” said Ingrid, as she scoured the web for news and spoilers.

“Not like a lot of people who came along later and claimed to be fans from the start. My favourite episode has to be the one where Oscar breaks down and vomits under heavy questioning; hopefully in the new series there’ll be more scenes of that intensity”

Pis2rious; Trial Harder airs on Sky News next year.