Search Still Underway For People Shocked By Berlusconi/Mafia Connection


A MAJOR search operation was launched across the world this week to find people shocked by the latest Silvio Berlusconi revelation, which links him to the Italian mafia.

News of the partnership has failed to surprise millions of people around the globe, forcing many to ignore the find and carry on with their lives.

“Of course he was working with them.” said one observer, who has been observing stuff for years now. “He was the Italian president for Christs sake! They might as well have said a bear was spotted shitting in a woods somewhere.”

Meanwhile, thousands of online and print publications are continuing to run with the story, regardless of the poor feedback from readers.

“I was expecting more of a response.” said Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre. “All we got were smart arse commentators making obvious statements like ‘the world is round’ and ‘the sky is blue’. You’d think the news would have had more of an effect on people.”

It is understood Italy’s former Prime Minister did business with the mafia for nearly two decades. The search to find someone shocked by these revelations is expected to last well into the next decade.