Country No One Has Ever Heard Of Going Through Some Shit



News reports are reaching us here at WWN that a small island nation has been ravaged by the outbreak of civil war much to the indifference of everyone here in Ireland.

Other news publications have gone into far more detail and in depth analysis, but basically some leader or something really awful. We think it was to do with like corruption or something and he pissed off the masses who have been backed by… We want to say America, but we weren’t paying that close of attention to the Reuters reports coming in.

The island, in the pacific somewhere? Have like a bunch of nuclear bomb type things which could end up in the wrong hands depending on the fallout from the civil war, but we’ll have to wait and see but to be honest you’ve stopped reading at this haven’t you?

It’s cool don’t worry about it, the pictures of all the devastation and killings weren’t even that interesting. Well, not as good as the last country that went through some shit anyway – there was a lot more blood that time. It was actually kind of cool now that we think about it.

At this point we would say more to follow as we get it, but we really don’t think we’re going to bother with it. This doesn’t exactly have that ‘wow factor’ we’re looking for, you know? Like we’ve been checking Twitter all day and no what you would call A-list celebrity has mentioned it. I mean, culturally and socially speaking we have little in common with them so really what is the point in covering it.