Kenny Egan To Bring In The ‘Don’t Have A Clue About Politics Vote’, Insists Fine Gael


FINE GAEL defended their decision to run Olympic silver medalist Kenny Egan in the local elections this year, stating he will bring in the ‘don’t have a clue about politics vote’ to the party.

Local councillors in Egan’s constituency of Clondalkin said they were delighted to have the boxer on board and hoped he will attract ‘like minded’ individuals to voting stations this year.

“We have been trying to crack the don’t have a clue market for years,” said Labour Party Councillor Breeda Bonner. “Fianna Fail seemed have had that genre of voter sown up – until now.”

A friend close of Mr. Egan hinted the ageing sports star is very easily influenced by people.

“I remember this one time we convinced Kenny to strip naked and run around Tescos wearing only a tube sock on his langer.” recalls the friend, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of his own safety. “We told him we’d get him a can of cider if he did it. Of course, we just legged it.

“He still asks me for the can every time I see him, saying he’ll do it again for three cans this time.” he added. “Poor Kenny, he’s not the sharpest tool in the box.”

The 2014 local elections will be held on the 23rd of May.