33rd County Discovered By Family Out For A Stroll


Ireland is in shock today as news broke of the discovery of a 33rd county.

Newsrooms up and down the country, including our own, are working flat out to obtain more details about what could be the biggest development in Irish history since the foundation of the State.

The Moore family from Strandhill in Sligo have entered the history books and gained worldwide fame following their discovery of Ireland’s 33rd county while out for a family stroll.

“I’m speechless really, but right now I’m so bloody proud of my family,” an emotional Richard Moore told WWN.

While details are still being uncovered it is believed Ireland’s yet-to-be-named new county is joined to Sligo at Ardmeen and is close to 600 square kilometres in size making it smaller than Ireland’s previous smallest county; Louth.

“We had Champ, our dog out and I just threw the stick and he pelted after it and then there it was on this – massive bit of land no one had ever discovered. It’s astonishing really,” shared mother of the family Laura Moore.

WWN has learned several leading Irish cartographers have resigned in disgrace while the Taoiseach has in recent minutes issued a statement.

“Successive governments have failed to spot this, our dear 33rd county, and for that I apologise to you the Irish people. It may seem unfathomable but in fairness we’ve been busy with other things,” a section of the statement read.

While there is quite literally no protocol in place to deal with a newly discovered county the Government is believed to be seeking advice from the U.N and leading nations.

The bookies have set ‘That bit beside Sligo’ as the current favourite in the search for the new county’s name with outside money on Champland.

WWN cannot confirm rumours that the county is in fact an independent republic called ‘Johnny’s’ after a homeless man who has laid claim to it as he has lived in a makeshift hut at the centre of the county for the last 3 years.