Mandela Deaf Signer Hired As CRC Publicist


Directors of the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) have acted swiftly in their PR battle against the wave of criticism they have received in relation to ‘top up’ payments made to some of their members.

The CRC has been in the headlines ever since news broke of salaries being paid out that were in excess of HSE caps.

In attempt to limit their exposure to criticism the CRC board members have sought out a communications expert to deflect whatever bad press may come their way.

The hiring of Mandela’s deaf signer has been reluctantly heralded as a PR masterstroke by both the media and the general public.

It is believed the CRC were seeking someone for the role of publicist who had an uncanny knack for obfuscating the facts.

Although the deaf signer’s identity is not yet known, it is believed the CRC were bowled over by his sleight of hand tricks and automatically felt a kinship with their newly anointed publicist.

“We honestly couldn’t believe the balls on him, it was clear he had no conscience whatsoever and like ourselves had no problem going before the public pretending to engaged with what he was doing. Perfect for us really when you think about it,” said one unnamed CRC Director.