‘Foreign Milk Tastes Horrible’ Agrees Everyone


A new study involving common sense and taste buds reveal Ireland is not yet willing to accept ‘foreign milk’ or UHT Milk as it is more commonly referred to.

Statistics show other European nations consume UHT Milk at a far higher rate than Ireland. When on holidays, Irish people are often faced with no option other than to have their cereal or tea with UHT milk resulting in disgust, mild outrage and/or full blown vomiting.

“It’s fucking wretched in fairness,” said Martin Dunphy, a holidaymaker from Sligo.

A leading travel agent admitted to WWN that he had taken to lying to Irish holiday makers about the availability of ‘normal milk’. “I tell most people we fly in Avonmore milk every morning to the resorts.

It’s that or I tell them the truth and they walk right out the door. That UHT is absolute piss.”

The Irish Dairy Farmers Association have urged people that when planning a trip abroad to consider bringing a hip flask of good quality Irish milk to avoid the usual scenes of utter devastation.

There is also pressure on the government to outlaw the sale of UHT Milk in Ireland for fear just the sight of the stuff could lead to violent outbursts.