“Now I’ll Finally Get To Watch Season Finale Of Friends”: John Gilligan



IRISH CRIMINAL John Gilligan said today he can’t wait to go home to watch the season finale of Friends later on this evening, upon his release from Port Lois prison after spending 16 years inside for drug trafficking.

The 61-year-old made the comments to WWN earlier from his cell on his personal mobile phone: “I’m going to get a taxi straight home from jail and make myself a nice warm cup of Horlicks and put the feet up for the night.”

“If anyone spoils the end of it I’ll fucking kill them.” he joked.

Mr Gilligan, who is expected to walk free from Portlaoise prison anytime after midnight tonight, said he is a big fan of the American Television sitcom and couldn’t wait to finish watching the show once released.

“I think Ross will end up back with Rachel,” he said. “Don’t ruin it on me, but does Chandler and Monica have a baby? Actually no, don’t say another word! This excitement is too much right now.

“Its been such a long time that I can’t even remember the Cafe owners name……you know the queer looking lad.


Last week, Gilligan issued a statement through his legal advisers saying he would not grant interviews even if the media were prepared to pay sums of €1 million for access to him, but would however speak openly about television programs he missed while being incarcerated.

“When I finish Friends I’m going to crack into this ‘Breaking Bad’ show everyone is on about,” he said. “It’s meant to be right up my street.”