‘Closed’ US Government To End Budget Debate On GTA V Online Today



THE UNITED states government decided to take the day off today to battle out their differences through online video game Grand Theft Auto five, it has announced today.

Republicans and Democrats, who have been recently being torn apart by political wrangling  over a short-term budget to keep the US government funded beyond the fiscal, have vowed to ‘fight it out’ on the Rockstar game.

“It’s not the best option,” admitted president Barack Obama. “but it sure will be fun to see who wins.”

It is understood that several key representatives from each side of congress will take to the on-line version of the game, which went live earlier today.

Secretary of State John Kerry will take the lead for the democrats, while Colin Powell will take a break from his retirement to take control of his team of Republicans.

“I’ve been getting a lot of practice in over the last few weeks and I think I have a good strategy going forward.” said the four star general. “Urban warfare is my speciality and I will bring a lot to the GTA table.”

Both sides are expected to battle it out for the majority of day, and maybe even tomorrow.

“This will probably be an all nighter.” added Powell.

Television network Fox News said they will stream the online tournament on all their major news networks across the United States, but only from the Republican first person point of view in the game.