Nation Currently Brainstorming Best Ways To Torture And Kill Athlone Man



The 30-year-old man at the centre of a harrowing rape case in Athlone has been informed by the Nation the ways in which it plans on torturing, maiming and ultimately killing him.

The deplorable and unconscionable acts supposedly carried out by the suspect rank as some of the most heinous crimes imaginable.

News of the crimes have left many people disturbed and understandably upset.

In an effort to verbalise their shock and displeasure at the events many people thought it best to give a handy how-to guide on the notions of justice and murder.

Many of those contributing to the debate online insinuated that perhaps it was best to operate outside the law in this particular case.

Some twitter users offered up helpful suggestions to the Gardaí and judiciary.

Colm, a 39-year-old Maths teacher, said on twitter “stick a rusty pitch fork up his hole and pour acid on his balls”.

“Scratch out his eyes with a razor I say. Don’t stop there either”, said Mairead, a mother of two, sharing a similar sentiment to so many online.

Another twitter user, L__Lbob, posted a picture of a tree with a rope hanging from it with the text “anyone fancy stalling it down to athlone?” accompanying it.

“I know what I’d do to him…” offered Noel, a 54-year-old accountant, seemingly unwilling to let anyone else in on his plans.

While others who were not so level headed crossed a line in their murder fantasy suggestions so much so that they simply cannot be published.

A number of people who were enraged after learning of the tragic events in Athlone criticised the Irish courts’ inability to sentence offenders accordingly.

Individuals went on to reference as few as 4,000 cases were a person convicted of a violent and/or sexual crime was handed a pitiful sentence which was an insult to the victims and their families.

Other people who were so concerned by the thought the man could walk free were helpful enough to post the suspect’s photo and name online, ensuring the Gardaí knew exactly who it was they had in custody.

A large and indifferent mob gathered outside the Garda station where the suspect was being held, with some in attendance offering rope in the unlikely event the man had no way of taking his own life.