400,000 Commuters Delighted To Not Having Any Interaction With Dublin Bus Drivers Again Today



HUNDREDS OF thousands of commuters said today they were ‘delighted’ to not having any interaction with arrogant Dublin bus drivers for the third day in a row, following an industrial dispute over cuts by the company.

Over 400,000 commuters use Dublin Bus’ service every week. Many claim it is the most daunting part of their working day.

“Those pricks have absolutely no manners whatsoever.” said one man, who travels to and from work on the service everyday. “They are arrogant and put anyone who has to deal with them in a bad mood for the day.”

Minister for Public Transport Alan Kelly said the company will lose an estimated €600,000 today alone from the industrial action.

“They really need to stop giving out over every little thing.” said Mr. Kelly. “If its not them, its the taxi drivers. They’re a bunch of moaning cunts the lot of them!”

Dublin Bus management is seeking to cut almost €12 million from the company in the next year – including €7.7 million alone from payroll costs – but SIPTU and National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU) employees overwhelmingly rejected the reductions in overtime pay and other working conditions.

“Why should we have to suffer cuts like everyone else in the country.” said Dublin bus driver Tommy Casey, who was enjoying several pints in an early house this morning. “We are the ones that keep this city connected.”

“Only for us there would be no Dublin, there would be no Ireland.” he added.

Meanwhile, businesses owners across the city have reported that both staff and customers seemed to be a lot happier with themselves over the past few days.