“We’ll Milk Another Good Fifty Years Out Of JFK Visit” Predicts Fáilte Ireland



THE IRISH TOURIST board predicted today it will milk another good fifty years out of the John F Kennedy’s visit in 1963, and promised even more museums to commemorate the American presidents 4 day stay here.

Terrence Grant, chairman for the board,  told WWN that he doesn’t expect people to question the actual importance of the state visit for at least another five decades.

“I think we’ll get away with selling this one for another 50 years before people cop-on.” he said. “The yanks suck up this shit like it was cheese in a tube.”

In Wexford this coming month there will be ceremonies commemorating JFK’s brief stay here.

“Its mad. He only paid a visit to Wexford like.” explains Grant. “Its not like he founded the place or anything. But we wont tell the tourists that.”

Fáilte Ireland said it was also already planning the fifth anniversary of the Obama visit for 2016 in Moneygall, but stated that they don’t expect to get the 50 years out of him, unless he’s publicly executed or something.

“Yeah, Obama’s great isn’t he?.” said the chairman. “Maybe something terrible might happen him and we’ll turn Moneygall into Money ball baby, yeah!”

Over 200 museums commemorating John F Kennedy’s stay in Ireland have been erected along his old route.

Patrick Murphy, who runs the JFK toenail clipping museum in New Ross, said he was looking forward to the 50 year anniversary in July, and urged people from all over the world to come along and see what treats he has in store.

“All the museums have reduced their admissions to a flat rate of €46 per person for the duration of the festival.” he said. “Children are free, as long as they can recite the entire 3 hour ‘sending man to the moon speech’  without mistakes.”