Waterford Tourism Board Launches €2 Drinks Brochure In Desperate Bid To Attract Visitors To The City


WATERFORD tourism board have launched a brand new €2 drinks brochure and guide book today in a desperate bid to attract visitors to the city.

The leaflets high quality print and design was praised by Mayor Pat Hayes who attended the launch in the new civic offices with several other city and county councillors this morning.

Mayor Hayes said the new approach was both ‘fresh’ and ‘daring’ and praised Waterford Tourism for its creativity and stunning innovation: “I have to commend the hard work of the brainchild’s behind this €2 drinks campaign for the city. This new direction is not only genius, it goes to show the absolute dedication of the Waterford Tourism board.”

Cllr. Jim D’Arcy said that when he first saw the new brochure, he was immediately taken aback by its beautiful appearance and presentation.

“I just love the layout of the whole piece. The funny pictures of drunk people on the front just crack me up. Its so new and outside the box. Waterford is the cheapest place for drink in the country, so why not sell our assets?”

“Its great to see Waterford finally shaking off that silly Viking crap. Like, what tourist wants to come here to learn about Vikings invading the oldest city in the country? Boooooring!” he added.

However, some city residents were not so enthusiastic about the new campaign.

Hairstylist Trevor Spillane told WWN that this new campaign would only encourage an already worrying  drinking culture in the city.

“Are these people mad? Why don’t we just rename the city ‘Templars Hall’?

“Instead of taxi’s, we can all wheel each other around in shopping trolleys. Everyone can have a great fucking laugh.”

The brochure which contains a guide book to all the major cheap booze hotspots in the city will be distributed across the country from today.