Waterford Mans Really Clever ’11:11 11/11/11′ Facebook Post Fails To Impress Anyone Of Significance


IT should have been his moment of glory, but Patrick Murphy’s really clever observation of today’s date and time failed to impress anyone of significance this morning, including the girl of his dreams who sits across from him in work.

Exactly on time he posted ‘Wow! its 11:11 11/11/11’ on his Facebook page, hoping to blow the minds of many.

Unfortunately for the 27-year-old, his thunder had already been stolen by Mark in accounts, who had previously sent an email outlining the numerological meaning of today’s fascinating event.

Murphy, a self proclaimed numerologist said: “I didn’t check the emails when I came in. I was too nervous about the time.”

“The first thing I did this morning was to set my watch to the atomic clock.  Geraldine in shipping will never look at me now. I’m such an idiot! (repeatedly hits forehead with stapler gun really hard)”

Mark Jenkins, an accountant from Dunhill,  sent the email to everyone in the office at 08:25.

The 200 word mail outlined the extraordinary coincidences relating to the double-figure palindromic date. It also went into great detail about how this coincidental sequence of numbers only happens once every hundred years.

Unbeknownst to the Technical Support agent, a very interesting discussion between work colleagues soon followed in the canteen.

“I heard Geraldine was having a great conversation with Mark at the coffee counter about it.

“I was so concentrated on the actual event I just forgot everyone else around me.

“Fuck that Mark in accounts! What does that asshole know about numbers anyway?” he added.

Mr Murphy’s Facebook post received two likes since the event. Both of which were from family members who always liked anything he posted anyway.