Wallace Devastated As Bank Seize All Three Pink Polo Shirts


WEXFORD TD Mick Wallace, who used to own three pink polo shirts,  says he is “devastated” after ACC bank officials moved in and seized  the property at 10am this morning.

The shirts, which were bought in Michael Guineys over a 14 year period, are now scheduled for sale by auction on November 14th.

“They literally took the shirt off my back!” said Mr.Wallace.

“I worked hard all my life. To be treated like this is just outrageous. They were the only shirts I had. I can’t go into the Dáil looking like this. People will only laugh at me.”

The former property developer admitted yesterday he couldn’t afford to repay €19m in loans to ACC Bank after being ordered to do so by the courts. Bank officials wasted no time in seizing his ‘assests’ early this morning.

The 56-year-old said he had nothing to give the bank in return for their money so they decided to take the only things he had left.

“I was just walking to the shop when a car pulled up beside me. Three men got out and forcibly removed my polo shirt and took my briefcase. I had me other two shirts in there. (I like to keep them with me where ever I go).

“They were about to take my pants until I told them they weren’t even mine.”

“They then drove off and left me topless in the rain. Everyone on the street was laughing at my moobs. I have never been so humiliated in my entire life.” he added.

A spokesperson from the ACC bank stated that Mr.Wallace had been avoiding contact with the bank for over two years and that the group had no other option but to seize the property.

The bank also said they were now in talks with potential buyers who were “very interested” in the polo shirts.


It is understood that the three XXXL shirts, which will be left unwashed, will be on the market shortly.

Meanwhile, staff who are waiting on pensions from Mr.Wallace said they were left “in limbo”. “Fuck his shirts. I want my money. If that Worzel Gummage headed prick doesn’t deliver soon he’ll have a lot more than walking around topless to worry about .” said Trevor Mackey who has worked for Wallace for over 12 years.