Ground-breaking WIT Study Finds Link Between Obesity And Over-Eating.


IT is a known fact that being overweight puts you at risk for all kinds of health problems. But a recent shock WIT study links obesity with over eating.

Researchers at the Waterford Institute of Technology and the University of Limerick say, eating too much food can cause people to be become over weight or even obese.

When compared to the food intake of normal weight subjects of similar age, the overweight and obese people showed that they ate considerably more food per day. UL Nutritionist professor Vincent Power explains. “Its quiet simple. The more you eat the more you put on weight. We are absolutely thrilled about our find. For years, obese people blamed their family genes and called it a disease. If I think back on it now it was all crazy talk. We believe the cure to obesity is to eat less, but we still have to run a few more tests.”

Researchers called it “over-eating”, and claim that with this ground breaking discovery they will help millions of people around the world.

The study analyzed the eating habits of 400 people. Of them 400 there were 200 which were classed as clinically obese. The obese test subjects ate on average 150% more than their skinny counterparts.

A nutrition expert with the Limerick University wasn’t surprised at the findings. James Meagher, says it’s long been known that an unhealthy lifestyle contributes to being a fat bastard. But this study shows one possible reason why. You eat too much. You are also greedy and you cry yourself to sleep every night because your chapped arse is hurting really bad and you are too fat to reach around and put some fat people cream on it.

“My advice to fat people is to stop making excuses and also stop eating so God damn much.” he added.