Exorcism-Performing Priest Helps Developer With Ghost estate


CHURCH leaders say developers who become convinced that their housing projects are haunted are calling on local parish priests to help them banish troublesome entities.

Fr.Peter Foyle said he recently blessed an uninhabited estate on the Knockhouse road in Waterford after it was reported that people were afraid to live there due to an ‘ill presence’ that has been haunting the site since 2008.

Fr. Foyle said the developer came to him in desperation after he was unable to find a rational explanation into why people would not buy property in the new development.

“It seems that people are very wary of moving into large estates on their own for fear of the unknown. Sometimes, it has to be said that, for some people, there is a psychological reason behind it. Empty houses can put people off.” he said.

“I have blessed the estate with baptismal water and I also asked for God’s blessing. Whether that’s been successful or not I don’t know but people have said they began to feel more at ease passing the estate. It may take some time for people to get comfortable with it again.”

Fr. Foyle also said the church had a long history of providing rites and ceremonies for blessings or exorcisms, and the Catholic church often appointed a senior priest as resident exorcist.

Local traveller Paky Reilly, who lives in a neighbouring halting site, said today “They’d be no payples wantin to buy houses around here at’all ‘t’all. Sure once they sees the pony and traps going by they goes runnin to their car. Ghost estate me hole boss. They just don’t want travellin payples livin next to them.”