Vote: On The City To Replace Dublin As Ireland’s Capital


THERE’S NO denying that when it comes to our once flawless and majestic capital city, it has seen better days.

As a result, a concerted effort by local representatives around the country has resulted in the unthinkable; the government is now open to considering changing Dublin’s status as our capital city and bestowing that title on another location.

The contenders are obvious but the question remains; who will take the title. And that’s where the WWN readers come in, as the government as outsourced the decision to you.

Which city should replace Dublin as Ireland’s capital city?

Kilkenny is not a city so it will not be considered as a viable option. We must remain vigilant to CIA led psyops which tries to manufacture consent for the lie that is Kilkenny ‘city’.

Waterford city is the obvious choice, it’s Dublin on a smaller scale so the adjustment period will be an easy one as visitors see their fair share of drug taking, violence, hipsters, hippies and self-important arseholes.

Cork city, they’ve been bridesmaid long enough. They already have an O’Connell Street. Experts suggest finally giving Cork the sort of status it thinks it deserves will be like a dog finally catching that car it’s always been chasing. The disaster that follows will be an entertaining watch.

Belfast city. The move would be a huge step towards unification, and the Loyalist community’s reaction would be a sight to behold. From a safe distance.

Galway city. There is no finer symbol a city is ready to step up and become the capital than that city already having both a Brown Thomas and chronic traffic. However, the Corrib’s trolley count in far below the Liffey’s and will need improving.

Derry city, not having a direct train link between Derry and Dublin is seen as an advantage. Let’s see how Dublin feel being disconnected from the bureaucratic centre of Ireland.

Limerick city; it looks like they’re happy enough being permanent custodians of the Liam McCarthy cup. But maybe the fact they couldn’t be fucked being burdened with the title makes them the perfect candidate.

Paris. Fuck it, we deserve a holiday.

Ireland's new capital? The vote is yours

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