Dublin 8 Resident Realises He’s Purchased This Kombucha Starter Kit Before


THERE WERE embarrassing scenes in a Dublin 8 household today and significant damage done to a bank balance following a rash online purchase.

In the rush that comes with spotting an item that his ideal for you Kian McHenty, in his urgency to secure the purchase of a cool kombucha kit, lost all knowledge of his previous purchase of the identical kit some two years ago.

“I can always give it as a gift to someone,” said McHenty, giver of the worst gifts imaginable.

Momentarily considering emailing the fair-trade ethical company that donates 50% of its profits to a charity that teaches impoverished Guatemalan orphans about the existence of Alt-J, McHenty remembered he gets an anxiety attack at the prospect of such things.

“Well I guess I’m getting a second one, at least it’s a reminder to get around to using my original kit,” said McHenty, owner of an unused sourdough starter, pickle fermentation paraphernalia, shirt pattern kit, and a 50 litre capacity drum which contains the home brew he’s never brewed.

With now just €30 to get him through the rest of the month, the 28-year-old reminded himself that the purchase will allow him to inform his housemates that a lot of people pronounce it kam-bucha but it’s actually kom-bucha, and from China originally, and really good for gut health, and confused with kefir but that’s something different.