We Had A Peek In Eamon Ryan’s Idea Journal


GREEN Party leader Eamon Ryan may seem like he throws wild statements and baffling suggestions into the fray at the most random of times, but in actual fact he has most of his ideas jotted into a little notebook that he keeps by his bedside or in his pocket for when he falls asleep in the Dáil.

If something comes to him at any time, day or night, into the journal it goes! We took a flick through it while he was out buying an entire head of cabbage for lunch, and here’s what we found:

– His infamous ‘grow lettuce on south facing windowsills as a means to battle food shortages’ in the middle of Covid is right here, and mud on the page suggests he was tending his own garden when he was hit with the brainwave that ‘hey, anyone can do this!’. Added underneath is the line ‘why don’t they? Are they just thick?’.

– Wind farms come up a LOT. In fact it seems that Eamon absentmindedly doodles them on almost every page. There’s the Spire redone as a big turbine, turbines on the Skelligs, turbines on top of turbines, an endless sea of turbines surrounded by floating love hearts.

– His latest scribbling talks about re-opening disused train lines that are lying idle around the country as a means to ease traffic congestion by offering a viable public transport alternative for people in areas of the country other than Dublin. He then ponders how he’s going to sell this idea to his coalition parties that live for shutting things like this in the first place.

– There’s a graphic chapter that wonders how good would Sinn Féin be for composting purposes.

– Other than a flick-book animation in the bottom right hand corner showing Eamon cycling as people cheer for him, the majority of the copybook is blank.