Will Ferrell Given Keys To Lapland


IN RECOGNITION of his services to festive family film watching during Christmas, Will Ferrell has been granted the freedom of Lapland by Santa and his elves.

The honour allows Ferrell to graze his elk on Lapland soil, as well as claiming any elf over the age of 732 as his bride.

‘Elf’, according to senior Santa sources, has done more than any other film in human history to truly bring families together at Christmas, narrowly beating Taxi Driver to the honour.

The awarding of the key was delayed by several however, due to the fact Santa remained in his grotto watching Elf for the 4th time in a row on streaming service NOW.

Ferrell unwisely chose to wear his Buddy the elf costume from the movie and fell victim to hypothermia, prompting several elves to construct an industrial strength heater in their workshop.

Other perks include being given use of Santa’s sled any time he’s stuck in traffic, first in place in the queue for a letter to Santa every year, unlimited supply of eggnog and a free rummage around Santa’s sack.

Meanwhile, Ferrell remains banned from New York city over claims he has caused a 1000% increase in people walking out in front of taxis since the release of Elf.